Releasing Pain: Love Is About To Blossom In Your Life 🌸

There comes a time when there is nothing to do but wait. You’ve sowed the seeds and watered the garden. Now, it is time to relax and wait for the flowers to bloom. 

The Seed: 

It’s funny, because we can never watch a plant grow! It is only over the course of a few months when we finally begin to see life emerge from below the surface. Yet, the seed has always been alive: breathing, growing, and strengthening. 

The life cycle of growing pains mirrors the miracle of the blooming seed. As we undergo challenging transformations, such as facing our fears, it may seem like we are stagnant, not growing, and stuck in the past. However, in actuality, the emergence of fear initiates the process of birthing a new reality. 

Watering The Garden:

Conscious awareness of our fears means that we are ready to release them. We have been awakened to a new level of Love. Our conscious mind has begun to recognize patterns of fear that restrain us. As we identify fears that no longer serve us, we open ourselves to the path of healing. Awareness allows us to release and detach ourselves from fear. 

We learn to fill our cups with more Love. Yay!

Blooming Season:

Love is about to blossom all around us! It will surprise us, but really, it has been coming our way this entire time. We are always on the journey of Love, even when we can’t see it. That’s the hilarious, beautiful irony of the universe: flowers bloom right beneath our eyes, yet the growth hides from plain sight!   

If you are reading this, love is about to blossom in your life! The universe thanks you for blooming. 🌸

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