Spirituality As Self-Growth: Breaking Free From Fear-Based Patterns πŸ•ŠοΈ

We once knew a girl who tied balloons to her chest. Like flower petals, they would bloom. She simply enjoyed the bliss of creating her internal world externally. The balloons made sense to her. They were her colors, made for her to paint the world with. She liked them, so she wore them like a delicate garden blooming after a long period of rain. It was her symbol of freedom to celebrate the reclaim of her femininity. She was no longer lost in herself. Instead, she was ready to lose herself in the world. One by one, these balloons allowed her to fly further into her destiny. She wasn’t worried that they would pop. She just kept blooming, knowing it was finally her time to be free.

Once upon a time, she had been a bird with beautiful wings sitting in a cage. She then realized, could she not fly away? The door to the world is open!

Dear reader, if you resonate with the bird but hope to resonate with the balloons, this article is for you!

The Cage:

The cage is comfortable and familiar, yet it is also home to the fears of the mind. What habits, thoughts, and beliefs are keeping you trapped in the past, stuck where you no longer belong? Lovingly ask yourself if your fears are truly keeping you safe! Oftentimes, fears disguise themselves as loving protection to shield us from the hurt we have experienced in the past. That is why our fear-based patterns feel safe and may be hard to release. However, understanding how fear actually keeps you trapped allows you to move forward into who you truly are. Believing in the freedom of love, vulnerability, and solidarity will give you the courage to release your fears! Furthermore, trust that you are held in the hands of love and protection by the divine while you bravely make this transition: you are never truly alone. 


Two beautiful wings support you, my dear friend! They have always been with you, even when you thought you lost them. That is because the bird is born to be free and fly. You are destined to break free from your fears: you were born to fly! The journey of life continuously teaches us to fly fearlessly, to believe in our own wings. Where are you being called to journey to?  

The World:

Hey friend, go out and see! The world is open! It wants to be explored by you. When we have become accustomed to our fears, the world can feel frightening. However, remember that you will always have your wings. Truly, you are meant to be free: fly away, dear birdie!

Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

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