Life As A Journey: Discover Your Soul’s Truest Expression 🛣️

Life is a maze: mysterious, exciting, and full of discovery. Perhaps we are all searching for freedom, our soul’s truest expression.

When you first enter a maze, it can feel overwhelming! There are so many routes to choose from: left, right, straight ahead. Which one has the dead end and which one leads to you to personal freedom? Well, the thing is, you won’t know until you’ve tried! 

Navigating a maze parallels stepping outside of one’s comfort zone. The entire world can feel like a lost and found when you leave behind the familiar. Allow yourself to feel lost! Some paths will be dead ends, leaving you lost once more. That’s a hundred percent okay! Now you have more experience, a larger comfort zone, and increased awareness of the paths not meant for you. Thus, missteps actually led you closer to the right path!

The path to find your soul’s truest expression may challenge your greatest fears. Yet, despite the doubt and uncertainty, the path will “feel right”. You will know because the passion thermometer of your heart will tell you! Things will feel fun, fulfilling, and rewarding. It will not drain your energy or fulfill an “ought to” created by external expectations.

Finding your soul’s truest expression will feel like returning home. It will feel natural, like it has been within you all along. You will laugh, because you simultaneously had no idea and all the answers at once. As the irony of life goes, we have to go other places in order to find ourselves. Because, where would the fun of life be if the mystery were removed?

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