Be In the Now, Be Truly Alive ๐Ÿ’

What did the monkey say to the grass? The monkey said nothing, because he was too busy climbing a tree.

Monkeys are notorious for having fun! They are a playful, lighthearted species. Life (literally) has a hard time getting them down.They are always climbing trees, swinging from branch to branch.

The monkey knows that there is no need to rush. He ignores the world for the sake of his own craft (climbing trees). While climbing trees, time feels infinite in the space of the present moment. He is singularly focused on the sound of his breath, the movement of his body, and the treeโ€™s curving path.  

To the monkey, the grass isn’t greener on the other side! Itโ€™s perfectly green up in the trees. 

The monkey teaches us that it is always the perfect moment to truly feel how it is to be alive. 

There is always enough time to relax, enjoy, and breathe. The love that has created our current reality is always reaching out for us to take notice of it. It understands that we may be swept away by responsibilities, stress, and fear. Yet, it is always there, shining a light in every moment. The pulsating heart, the breath of life, and the creation of reality are all manifestations of loving life force energy. It opens a beautiful space for us to center ourselves in every present moment we experience.

The energy of now is ever-continuous in its abundant flow throughout the course of our life, because it is a part of life itself!

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