Life is A Mystery: A Fun Existential Crisis❔


There are a lot of answers to this question that are happily floating in midair. Those that drift into my consciousness include: 

  • Why not?
    1. A direct opposition shines a light on a perspective one hasn’t considered.


Question: Why can’t I fly?

Answer: Why not?

We are free to fly however we like. Did we mean we wanted to soar like a phoenix? 

What if freedom is another way to fly? Or going on an airplane to Antarctica?

What about spiritual ascension?      


  • Is there ever a reason?
    1. No. There is never a reason. Things happen outside the realm of reason.
      • This seems like a dead end to the question Why? If there’s never a reason, what is the purpose of this question? 
    2. Yes. There is always a reason. 
      • What purpose does the reason serve?  


Question: Why are we alive?

Answer: Is there ever a reason?

  • No, there is no reason behind our existence. Thus, we must deal with an existence that is inherently meaningless.
  • Yes. There is a reason behind our existence. How can we use this reason to understand the meaning or purpose of being alive? 


  • Just because, man!
    1. Accept it. Zen peace straight face.  


Question: Why does life have ups and downs?

Answer: Just because, man! Just because, life is white and black, man!    


  • Dude, answering that Why question is like growing infinite branches from one tree trunk. 
    1. It takes an entire lifetime to answer that Why question. It will expand outward into infinite directions, each answer unraveling a mystery while simultaneously revealing another Why question.


Question: Why can’t cheetahs join human society?

Answer: They are not accustomed to human behaviors.

Question: Why can’t we live harmoniously with species that exhibit different behaviors?



Therefore, the answer to Why is hilariously unclear! However, answers may still be discovered within the ambiguity. 🙂


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