An Empath’s Journey πŸ’œ

The empath is like a crystal.

Like a crystal, an empath absorbs energy from the outside world. Particularly, the empath absorbs the lively energies of emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Thus, connecting to internal emotions is a necessary aspect of self-discovery, self-care, and spiritual healing for the empath. An empath must become strong in the emotional sensitivity of his or her authentic self.

If an empath’s authentic self has been misunderstood, neglected, or abused, the empath may create a hard exterior of protection. The empath may continue to carry past burdens and put guards around the heart, afraid to receive energy and let others in. A guarded empath is like a rough crystal, developing a cold, hardened exterior to protect sensitive, loving energy. 

If an empath has blocked external energies out of the fear of reliving past pains, the empath has actually created more space to nurture, understand, and crystallize her internal world. A rich inner world springs forth the abundant waters of healing, spiritual, and creative gifts. A period of inner healing in solitude encourages the empath to find strength within an intense inner world. Like a growing crystal, the empath finds a home within the darkness: a bright light that shines from within!

However, the risk of this period of healing in self-isolation is the feelings of alienation from society. Thus, it is important for an empath to let love in when the empath is ready to open up to the world again. Like clean crystals, the natural state of an empath is purified of energetic blockages, open to both giving and receiving. Empaths are meant to openly interact with the energies of the universe.

Along the journey of life, the empath becomes empowered by connecting deeply to an emotional inner world. The self-empowered empath has found the strength to step into the world (of both + and – energies) in full-fledged emotional authenticity: embodying a crystal shower of colorful bright lights.

Each crystal embodies a unique frequency. Dear empath, what is yours? ✨

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