Awakening My Throat Chakra πŸ’™

A blueberry gummy bear bursts in my mouth. The blue filling swirls inside my mouth until my tongue learns to dance with the sweetness.

Throat Chakra Blockage:

My thoughts were a stream of blueberry syrup swirling inside my brain. The thoughts were trapped inside me, unable to escape. However, speaking could be my sweet relief: my mouth could be the blue sugar’s sweet escape.

Learning to Speak:

My thoughts manifested in blueberry blue. On the way out, they transmuted into other flavors of the fruit rainbow. Along the way, my thoughts danced so chaotically with the rhythm of expression that they lost their specific frequency, changing color. Fear made my thoughts tumble out in strawberry, orange, lemon, lime, grape. Scared to express my true inner colors, I cocooned my inner blue light from the outer world.

Speaking My Truth:

Blue colors my life because I am born blue. It’s the light I shine! The more I let myself be seen as blue, the more I stand my ground in full-fledged authenticity. My blueberry tongue untwists itself the more I speak my truth with love, dislodging the shades of red, orange, yellow, green, purple leaving my mouth.

Clear Throat Chakra:

My truth unlocks my twisted tongue and I am able to savor the sweet juice of blueberry gummy bears. They fill my mouth, coloring the words fluttering out like blue butterflies. My words are the same color as the sweet, blueberry thoughts of my brain.

For my throat chakra to be unblocked, my voice must be aligned with my blue, Authentic Truth.

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