A Fear of Snakes: How I Let Fear Control My Reality πŸ

Like a snake, fear will coil around your thoughts until you nurture it with compassion.

I encountered three snakes in the past two weeks: one hanging on the claws of a vulture, one slithering on the side of the road, and one emitting a threatening rattle! The universe was mirroring my fear of snakes.

I had manifested these snakes into my nature walks. While walking in the beauty of nature, I was constantly distracted by the idea that a snake might attack me. Fear was tightly wound around my mind, trapping my thoughts.

My ego had associated snakes to be a venomous, dangerous animal. Thus, I let these fearful thoughts create my reality! How could I elevate the poisonous vibrations weighing down my mind?

My thoughts went something like, I’m scared I will see a snake today, I don’t want to get bitten! Now, I am working to transmute my fearful thoughts with love: Next time I see a snake, it will embody the life of all that is, and probably slither away! I recognize the snake in my mind and choose to surrender to love with a heart full of trust.

Moments of fear keep the mind stagnant if we do not release them! As we resist it, it will continue to persist. 

Fearful thoughts will crop up every once and a while! It is part of the human experience. However, we have the power to recognize it and surrender it to love. The snake can appear in my mind, but it has no power to shadow my experience.

When the snakes first appeared in my life, it was a hidden blessing to align more with love and release my fears! Like a circle of flowers, love blooms in an open mind where fear has no more power.

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