💃🏽 Dancing to Detox: Free Emotional Blockages 🕺

You are home to many fish at sea. When the wind blows, the fishes swim with faster currents and surrender to new energies. The fishes awaken and set themselves free.

🐟 You are home to many fish at sea and create the environment in which they swim:

Unprocessed emotions remain stagnant in the subconscious mind. As your physical vessel is linked to the subconscious mind, it is home to deep, emotional waters. It stores unprocessed emotions, such as fear, resentment, and sadness.

When emotions are left unacknowledged, they create blockages in the emotional body. Why is this bad for your well-being? Emotional blockages cause negative side effects such as mental illness, emotional imbalance, and fatigue.

🐠 The fishes are set free when your waters are no longer stagnant but flowing with moving energy:

When you connect with your body, you are able to truly acknowledge your emotions! Dancing, or moving your body’s energies, connects you with the emotions stored in the body. Tapping into your body’s energies brings conscious awareness to the emotions stagnant in your energy field!

Three dance moves I love:

Star Jump

A star jump is when you jump high, throw your arms and legs out, and fly like a shooting star. The star jump makes you feel like you can do anything! Intention: I release all stagnant energy and explode like a bright star.

The Cartwheel

Cartwheels feel like surviving a leap of faith! It’s great if you feel nervous about taking a risk. When you land, you are hit with a wave of trust because you couldn’t control the process of the cartwheel! Intention: I trust the process of feeling my emotions.

Rocking Out to Good Music

Rocking out to music is so fun. It lifts your vibration to jam to your favorite songs. It will rejuvenate your being and motivate you to take on the day! Intention: I release myself from the negative by absorbing positive energy.

When you connect with your body, you become aware of your emotions.

🐡 The fishes awaken and set themselves free:

I’m someone who’s always in my head, thinking. However, being too intellectual causes me to overthink rather than feel the sensations of the present moment. This causes my emotions to become distorted! However, when I connect with my body, I am able to ground my emotions. I can feel, release, and set myself free!

May our fishes avoid the upstream of the mind and surrender to the flow of the ocean’s currents!

Photo by Andreas L on Pexels.com

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