Stars in the Palm of Your Hand: Overcoming Anxious Thought Patterns 🌟

I will never fall into the darkness without being caught by the light. I will always surrender to the night with the stars in the palm of my hand.

An anxious mind creates resistance by dwelling on fearful possibilities. For me, I go crazy mulling over what-ifs before I stumble into social situations. However, confronting the reality of these situations reveals that the worst-case scenario never really occurs! Observing your thoughts in an anxiety-inducing situation empowers you to differentiate anxious thoughts from mindful ones. Surrendering to the flow of the night releases the control of your ego’s fears.

Detaching from anxious thoughts requires a redirection of energy to the present moment. A helpful tip to release anxiety is to breathe in, breathe out. Being present in any situation naturally surrenders anxiety, opening space to cultivate mindfulness! Your bright core breathes in the pure energy of starlight, exhaling the stagnant air of the night.

A long-lasting mindset that tames an anxious ego is nurturing continuous trust in positive thought. Discover faith in the stars, who brighten a night sky.

Healing anxiety is an opportunity to find your inner strength. The stars in your hand shine brightest in the fall of the night!

The stars in the palm of your hand awaken your inner power behind the eye’s blink of darkness.

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