Create Space for Abundance: A Daily Affirmation ðŸŒ¼

A flower exists in all of creation; everything is abundant with life force energy. Then, creating space for abundance simply means opening to the life force energy that flows through all things.

The practice to create space for abundance involves two steps- (1) connect to your life force, which will INCREASE the power of (2) the abundance affirmation.

  1. Connect to Your Life Force: Take a Deep Breathe

An inhaled breath begins in your belly, flows up your spine, enters the back of your head. You are life itself. You grow upwards, towards the sky.

The breath moves beyond your head to expand outwards. You are expansive. You blossom with openness.

The exhaled breath relaxes downwards. Your stream of thoughts is calm. You feel heat circulate your body. You are full of vitality.

Your breath grounds into the Earth. You live in the present moment. Your roots are sturdy.

2. Flowers of Abundance Affirmation

I open myself

To the abundant flow

Of the creator

That exists

Within all things

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