Healing Sadness: Mind, Body, and Spirit Alignment πŸ’†

Note: this perspective blossoms from my observation of healing sadness. Please check in with your intuition to see if it resonates with you as well!

The triad of mind, body, and spirit.


Being consumed by your emotions is hard. It feels painful to be conscious of the sadness you are processing. It hurts, and that is okay. You are healing.

The mind can become addicted to the pain of sadness. To stimulate healing, your mind must surrender negative thoughts and use its powerful ability to self soothe. Your spirit is stronger than you think!



The nurturing mind creates space for awareness. You can be mindfully aware of the emotions manifest -from sad thoughts- in your body. Such manifestations include soreness, fatigue, and physical pain. Honor these emotions! Feeling is releasing. Love your body’s ability to feel, recharge, and heal.

A release of sadness in your body creates space for the mind and body to be in alignment. Healing is consciously acknowledged and felt in the heart space. You have created more space for unconditional love, inner power, and gratitude to be felt in the now!



During the entire process of emotional healing, you always have the strength, power, and elevation of your spirit! Your inner awareness observes the sadness. Your spirit is present in this awareness, uplifting you to align mind, body, and spirit. No matter how you feel, you can transmute pain into power.

Mind, body, and spirit co-create as one to heal.

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