Fine-Tuning Your Authentic Self πŸŽΉ

Imagine your authentic self as your favorite chord instrument!

What is out of alignment? What chords are out of tune?

  1. Periods of detox release emotional patterns, habits, and situations. Things that worked in the past may no longer resonate! When you play that old song, how does it sound?
  2. Ignoring your heart’s intuition denies your true path from unfolding. The thing you have wanted to do for ages wants you as well! Which keynote is your chord instrument repeatedly playing?
  3. Valuing other people’s opinions over yours leads you out of alignment. What songs do you secretly play alone?

Connect within.

How do I align myself? How do I adjust the chords?

  1. Nurture the love, not the fears. Listen-in.
  2. How are you feeling? What do you need? Perhaps a fine-tuning can be accomplished by giving a bear hug to your inner child, setting firm boundaries, or reaching out to someone. Check-in.
  3. Do something that gets you out of your mind and into your heart space. Any activity that makes your heart sing or feels curious, happy, and inspired! Tune-in.

Be intimate with the present state of where you are.  

How do I remain centered in my authenticity? I want to play an all-time gig!

  1. Be you-nique! Your musical instrument emits a special sound.
  2. Shine your light. You are so worthy, lovable, and valued. It’s showtime!
  3. Connect with people that inspire, encourage, and uplift you. There are people out there who are attracted to your instrument’s musical vibration.

Just exist, man.

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Thank you for reading! πŸƒ 

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