A Hopeful Poem: Keep Going 🌃☀️

Forgive the moon

For falling asleep

Hopelessness disappears all aspirations. There is no external light to reassure you that everything will be okay.

The darkness shows that you are the light! You are the universe. You are the inner strength, hope, and wonder you seek.

The silenced night

Will awaken  

Life is moving through you at all times: growing, expanding, transforming. As life changes in each passing moment, the dark times will inevitably transform as well.

This challenging time is creating space for light to enter. It is transforming you to be ready for the desires, growth, and changes you are meant to experience.

To a sunrise 

In the blue sky

The light will shine in the place darkness filled. Let it in, knowing that the light seeking you has finally reached you at the end of the dark.

For now, fill your blue heart with the love, strength, and comfort you need. 💙

Things are flowing, even when they appear still.

Much love to you!💖

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  1. This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

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