Life Needs Bubble Gum Fun

Life always has its to-do lists. Yet, our lives also need happy laughs, spontaneous fun! Colorful bubbles filled with fruity air introduce spontaneity to our plans.

Things get stale when life strictly follows a to-do list. Chewing the same tasks for days drys the flavor ─ passion, inspiration, and wonder ─ of life.

Yummy and fun activities improve our mindset, performance, and concentration. When we taste the juice of life, we eliminate the blockages of stress, discouragement, and lack of inspiration created by a single-minded focus.

Life is flexible like gum; let it stretch and fill with fun!

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  1. Life is flexible like gum; let it stretch and be filled with fun!– I love this. Thankyou for sharing

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  2. This is AWESOME, Linda!!! Love it! You just gifted a huge superelasticbubbleplastic smile!!! Thank You! 💖💖💖

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    • Yay!! 💃💃💃 Superelasticbubblyplastic, omg! What a sweet rhyme. Thank you, Katy!!!!!! 💖

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      • 🤣 OH! Gotta tell You! This will make You laugh! I’m 56 years old and when I was about 9 or 10 there was a “toy” called Superelasticbubbleplastic! 🤣 It was something mysterious…..a blob that resembled bubble gum but wasn’t…and it was rainbow coloured….really pretty. It came with a small straw and You’d pull pieces of it off, roll them up and stick them on the end of the straw and BBBLLLOOOOWWWW! They made HUGE bubbles if You were good at it! And then we’d bat them around like balloons! But in the commercial the announcer kept saying, loudly and enthusiasitally “SUPERELASTICBUBBLEPLASTIC!!!” I can still hear it in my head all these years later! 🤣 So when I think something is UBER cool, I’ll say that!!! 💖💖💖 And YOU are UBER cool, lovely Linda! Rock on!

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      • HI!!! THE CAPITAL LETTERS you write with feel EXCITING! LOL. OH my goooodnessss what a magical, superfragilistic treat! That seems to combine the activity of BLOWING of bubbles with the activity of THROWING WATER balloons together (my childhood in the 2000s)!!!!!! I imagine people may have been curious to eat it like they do with play-doh! AWwww, it stuck with ya! I love nostalgia. 💖💖💖 Omg, UBER cool, haha!!! So are you!!! 💖 Superelastic bubble plastic, I frickin’ love it. 😉💖💖 It seems like a unicorn toy in today’s world filled with technology!

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      • Oh my! LInda, You’re just a joy gifter!!! Thanks for all the laughter! What a fun way to start the day! Yes, a unicorn toy indeed! A dinosaur unicorn toy! 🤣 And…OH! were You a fellow play-doh eater? I tasted my fair share when I as little and think that may well be why I am as I am. 😅 Sending huge smiles and hugs Your way!!! Have a great one!!! 🤗💖😅

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  3. Haha! I have never imagined a dinosaur and a unicorn together, I love that image!!! LOL! Eating play-doh makes one fun and colorful! I didn’t, but I DID swallow a huge wad of gum because I thought it was tasty. Hahaha! Thank you for filling my heart with warmth. I felt the huge smiles, and I’m sending positive vibes and hugs your way too!!!! 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋


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