The Dance of Perfectionism

If life is not a ballerina dance, why should we try to be perfect?

Ballerinas are flawless and posed with grace. A perfect art! However, a ballerina consistently stretches her/his body’s limits to perform beautiful, synchronized steps. Humans aren’t perfect ─ it goes against the body’s natural rhythms! If we were perfect, we wouldn’t grow, learn, or have the need to figure anything out!

Furthermore, perfection strives towards high expectations at the expense of one’s authentic self. By always reaching for better, one creates the shadow of never being enough. We aren’t meant to live on-pointe, but wiggle our toes, relax, and be our authentic selves!

When a ballerina puts on an artful show of perfection, she/he hides the tears, pain, and stress she/he has invested. The ballerina makes sure the dance performance has no errors! Luckily, life is not a perfect dance: making mistakes, not being perfect, and embracing vulnerabilities empowers us! We are flawed art, perfectly human: doing the best to sync our awkward, lyrical rhythms to life’s crazy beat.

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Here is a sparkle of light!✨ It’s in you. πŸ’–

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