Taking Responsibility For Our Lives: Life As A Bowl of Cereal 

Let’s think of life as a bowl of cereal!

What spoon do you choose to eat with?

The true power of living the human experience is how we experience the world.

Life filters through our internal worlds of belief systems, values, and intuitive senses.

How do you make your cereal?

When we realize we co-create life, we begin to take responsibility for our internal reality our center as co-creator.

What beliefs, core values, and feelings align with our lives? Is there something that needs to change? 

How tasty is the cereal?

Loving the freedom of living is our birthright. The freedom of happiness is the truth of life it’s something we are worthy of just for being alive.

Life loses its crunch sometimes, no matter how hard you try. Yet, if it is always soggy, have you abandoned your glorious spoon and recipe?!

What’s in your bowl of cereal?

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