Win or Lose, Try Again: The Video Game Mentality ðŸŽ®

Our decisions have failures and victories – both full of potential! For one, the history of each loss is programmed into our characters, recording the wisdom of every mistake. For another, victories open our minds to new opportunities. In life’s game system, all decisions overlap to shape our characters’ enduring paths.

If our characters remain stuck on the same level – despite our tried and true moves – we must try other sequences to play! Different decisions open new pathways in the game, redirecting our characters’ destinies.

There is an empowerment that comes from not living in paradise. Exploring suffering, making mistakes, and being resilient uplifts our characters’ leveling-ups! It is humbling to fight inner demons, experience character growth, and cultivate inner strength.

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  1. I’m loving the video game mentality….never thought this way….normally “you” fall “you” rise….but the “game” is on, would make one definitely finish the game by reaching the destination…

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    • 🌍🌍🌍! Thank you Navin!! Life as a “game”, a journey where we are always okay as long as we keep going! Do you think life’s destination is the journey, or there is an actual destination (i.e. destiny)?

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      • You’re welcome…should I call you Spiritual or Fantasia or do you prefer something else….I don’t believe there’s any actual destination…journey itself is the destination…going through the highs & the lows…connecting, disconnecting, reconnecting…falling, rising, falling & perhaps rising again…every moment is life…whether that moment is filled with darkness or light

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      • Haha, Linda works well. Yeah, I felt that in my heart!! I love how you described everything as a cycle of rebirth & the duality of experience. To have that mindset in life makes life more about expanding, experiencing, and living.

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      • Hey Linda, it’s really nice to connect with you…your wavelength…your energy…is simply beautiful…it’s calling me…why…I don’t know…perhaps I do know…you’re connected to your heart…

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      • :’) ahhh, LOL, this comment was so sweet my heart was very overwhelmed… I feel like I am sitting on a marshmallow. You as well! On my walk today, I was glad of the reminder to enjoy life’s journey… (I needed to hear that very much). Thank you for your wisdom, time, energy, kindness, and the beautiful words you shared with me, Navin! 😀 I’m glad we crossed paths :).


  2. Very cool, Linda!!! Thank You and Cheers!!! 💕

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