The Fear of Rejection: Mr. Potato’s Healing Story ðŸ¥”

Mr. Potato acts like a normal potato.

Yet, deep down, Mr. Potato feels sad. Pretending to be like everyone else breaks his heart.

Mr. Potato’s Diary

Mr. Potato’s heart reaches out to him, nudging him with care.

His heart feels like home! Comforted, he begins to embrace his true colors.

Mr. Potato’s Healing

In the space of self-acceptance, it’s easy to be enough.

Mr. Potato can yell hello to the trees, wander off mid-sentence, and be his wildly colored himself. There is no one to please, only the space to be weird and free.

Mr. Potato’s Self Acceptance

More confident than ever before, Mr. Potato begins to be his authentic self around other potatoes. However, the fear of rejection can make him feel nervous.

Nevertheless, his heart can only shine his free-spirited, quirky, and imperfect self.

Every Potato Has A Colorful Light to Share 💖

Dear beautiful soul, what makes you unique? ✨

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  1. I like Mr. Potatoe’s story.
    What makes me unique….myself & my personality, I would say; that people see

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  2. This is wonderful story. I like the allegory


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