The Busy Color Wheel: Pause My Spin πŸ’™

Dear reader, I have been forced to pause and consider the many colors of life.

I know I have been working too much. In this fast-paced energy, the wheel of life spins so quick β€” blurring its colorful magic into a monotonous brown. Life feels stressful, rather than fun.

Thus, I hope to take the time to pause in the present moment, to center myself in life’s colors:

  • I will have gratitude for the subtle mixing of colors as life flows with change
  • I will curiously observe the different hues in new experiences
  • I will embrace the depths of color in my true feelings

I’ll try not to miss out on life by being so busy! Without a wonder for life’s colors, it will be hard to enjoy the beautiful paintings I am creating.

Life Quote

Dear reader, what is the last blue thing you saw, felt, or experienced?

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  1. Very true. Sometimes we need to press the pause button and enjoy life

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