Overcome Self-Limiting Fears: The Squat Metaphor πŸ‹οΈ

  1. Mental Resistance

Releasing our fears requires us to exercise inner strength! The process of overcoming fears challenges us to stand against the weight of challenging, anxious, and limiting beliefs.

Inner Strength Quote

2. Courageous Action

To overcome mental resistance, try a repetition of ten squats! Taking action outside of our comfort zones reinforces that fearful thoughts do not have power over us.

Courage Quote

As a warning, we will sweat! Sometimes, we will want to give up. Learn to embrace the soreness of the moment: we are stretching our limits to heal our fears! The clarity of release will be worth the pain.

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3. Facing Fear Becomes Easier

Our muscles get stronger as we train outside our comfort zones, breaking down the body’s patterns of fearful resistance.

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4. Surrender Our Fears

Our minds begin to recognize that squatting is within our body’s limits! We have expanded from our self-limiting fears.

Empowering Affirmation: We Are Stronger Than Our Fears

Dear reader, how can you use the squat metaphor to surrender fear? β™‘

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  1. An interesting take on squat (metaphor)….and inspirational….I do that & same other exercises (part of my rehab)….but I feel like making a pact with you to do squat (in reality & also metaphorically) to overcome fear, panic & anxiety, Linda. Have I remembered your name correctly? 😊

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    • Hi Navin! LOL! It’s funny to think about squatting in “serious” situations of overcoming fear! That’s great that you find healing in exercise, I also find that exercise is a great way for me to get out of my mind and heal from stress! Yes, Navin! My name is Linda. I think the largest fear I have to overcome is my self-doubt, so I will do as many reps of believing in myself as I can :’). I might have to skip the in reality one, though, LOL. What will your metaphorical “squats” be?! I hope we come out of this stronger!

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      • Hey Linda, I was just messing around…I meant squatting metaphorically actually….exercise does help me rebuilding me….but I doubt it can help me with snapping, fear, anxiety & panic….so I’m doing reps of acceptance, breathing, patience & giving space to others….being mindful….it’s damn hard as I tend to fail quite often….but I’m not giving up on me….I’ll keep doing my “squats”….with of course some help….coz the day I give up….I’ll have nothing left with me….in me….so I hope as well….we come out of this stronger ❀️✨

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      • “Squatting” can be hard, especially when we have many reps to get through… I find the mind hard to tame as well! Being the mindful “observer” resists the mind’s nature. I believe our intentions to “build muscle”, backed with actions of “exercise”, always lead to beautiful places of “muscular” growth (i.e. patience, mindfulness…). πŸ™‚ Thank you for entertaining these ideas in your life, I appreciate you sharing it with me.

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      • Thank you for letting me share with you, Linda πŸ™βœ¨

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  2. Oh gosh!!! This is a wonderful post….but do they HAVE to be squats?!!! πŸ€£β€οΈπŸ€—

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  3. Nice post. Squatting is a good example. We could also try any any activity that would challenge us to overcome our fears. When we choose our challenge the motivation to succeed increases. Namaste

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