Mindfulness: Observe Negative Thinking ☁️

Negative thinking clouds the mind, disconnecting us from the light within.

The cloudy thoughts remind us of several associations — scary skeletons, caricatures of the future, a jar full of limiting beliefs. When we observe negative thoughts like passing clouds in the sky, we spot shapes that distort the reality of sunny skies.

Though cloudy thoughts remind us of dreary associations, continue to observe — rather than overthink — these negative thoughts. The observer within detaches from identification to negative thinking!

In truth, we are pure awareness! Awareness shines a light on the powerlessness of negative thoughts. It is the sun that peaks through the clouds — the light of the observer within.

Dear reader, do you love mindful practices?

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  1. Beautiful post as always with words of wisdom….I call the cloudy thoughts painbody….connected to the Self & controlled by it as well….the Being within ourselves….that we truly are is pure awareness….therefore, I love your lines….”In truth, we are pure awareness! “….when I’m not the pure awareness, then I dwell in my painbody….it’s like that ice cream, that gives some sort of pleasure….but it in reality, it doesn’t helps in accepting how we feel….it’s a symptom treatment, rather than a cure….on top of that, that layers of ice creams add layers of fat 😉….though it’s OK to not be OK….it’s important to observe that feeling & somehow get peace with it….Else the body would turn into a bucket of ice cream & a slab of chocolate….magnificent words of wisdom, dear Linda ❤️✨

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    • Dear Navin, hello! Thank you for your beautiful comment. 🙂 Yes, that is a connection that deepens the understanding of the funky human experience of self! The pain-body can be stuck in the past, and these past memories can create our perception of self and bring us away from “being”. “When I’m not the pure awareness, then I dwell in my pain-body”, ooooh I love that. LOLOL, insightful metaphor! Adding to your ice cream metaphor, dwelling in the pain-body is a “symptom treatment, rather than a cure”, because it satisfies the craving of our pain, which is addicted to its own suffering (finds suffering tasty, creamy, delicious). Yes, it is definitely okay to not be okay… hopefully one begins to understand (then observe) the pain though rather than dwell in it for long periods, so one doesn’t turn into a “bucket of ice cream & a slab of chocolate”. Thank you so much, Navin. So happy to read your comment. ❤

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      • Dear Linda, I’m always delighted to read your posts & your comments/replies….they’re full of wisdom & enlightenment….love the words “the funky human experience of self!”…..quite funky & funny….I know what you mean….it’s true, dwelling in the painbody is a symptom treatment….oh yeah, I’m quite aware of that….it’s like when the things aren’t the way as they were supposed to be (a thought from a shallow level)….but in reality, they’re exactly the way they’re supposed to be (from a deeper level)….as there’s always a reason of those happenings….but when I seesaw between the two….then I see the things (acceptance) & sometimes I saw them (cut/connect to the painbody)….coz I’m not always able to come in contact with the knowing as the mind takes over….which leads to anxiety, panic, restlessness, feeling bad about myself etc etc….I don’t literally eat a bucket of ice cream (have actually never done that)….but yeah, I eat it metaphorically….writing poems help me express how I feel & what I realize….it’s a release in a therapeutic manner….a kind of healing…..I’m more than ok with 2 steps forward & 1, backward….thank you for listening to me, Linda….this time I’ve no ideas if I’ve written something that gives any meaning….it could be a web of words….but if you were a spider, you know exactly the pattern 😉❤️✨

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      • Hi, there is so much meaning! I think you said exactly what I needed to hear actually, to accept v.s. block what I wish wasn’t happening. To accept. I think I’m a spider that tangles herself in a bit of a web, as an over-thinker! LOL. That’s why I feel like I should be a bird for a while, to stand back and gaze at everything. However, I think it’s okay for the mind to take over and not be connected to knowing all the time! I think it’s part of the “funky human experience” to accept the duality of mind and awareness. 🙂 Ooooh, healing words. That is beautiful that words can do that & help us feel our feelings, express what we mean, connect us with others. I like that idea of poetry as “a release in a therapeutic manner”… I might try something similar to that today (i.e. therapeutic journaling). 🙂 ❤️✨ Feel the feelz. Yay. Keep taking steps, Navin!!!! Also, thank you so much for your comments and appreciation, it is so encouraging. 🙂

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      • Lol@over-thinker….I do that sometimes….you think like a bird….a free spirit, which in itself is like flying in the sky….I write what I feel or realize….I must’ve written a couple of fiction poems out of over 140 (i think)….when words flow in me, I give them poetry form….I don’t write poetry coz I have to as per my calender 😉….the poem has to come to me instead….that’s why it becomes therapeutic….please do try therapeutic Journaling….I’ll be very much looking forward whenever you write….thanks for letting me share with you, Linda….it encouraging & amazing….much love ❤️ ✨

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      • Aw, that is such a fun compliment! I absolutely love birds! I even wrote in an essay recently that “I wish I was a bird”, hehe. 🙂 Wow, yes, a bit like stream of consciousness where words flow easy because they come from within (the subconscious, the emotions, the heart, spirit, etc.)! When art “just happens”, and goes with the flow. 🙂 That’s why your poetry channels deep emotions from the heart. Thank you, Navin!!! I always feel rejuvenated and feel excited after our conversations! I can’t wait for your next post! 🙂

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      • There you go….I see that bird in you….through your writings….it’s exactly the way you explained…..”a stream of consciousness where words flow….”….see this makes me happy coz you understand what I say….right away….the feeling is mutual about rejuvenation, my dear friend….have a wonderful & peaceful day, Linda ✨😊

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      • Yes!! Yay, ofc I understand what you said! 🙂 The fly-like-the-bird description makes me happy, too. I love that our conversations resonate! 🦃🦃🦃, I am going to have a lovely day. I hope you do TOO! Thank you so much for the conversation, as always. 💖 💖 💖 🙂

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      • Yeah….it’s simply amazing to communicate with you….you’re quite unique, you must know….I’m going to have a lovely evening…..you’re welcome & thank you too for the conversation ✨❤️

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      • ✨❤️😊😊 :-)✨✨-sparkles of light enter the chat- :-)✨ 😊 ✨ Good day, kind Navin!

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  2. When you’re resting in awareness – thoughts are neither negative or positive- they just are. That’s when you know you’ve found peace. Great post friend. Wishing you well, AP2 🙏

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  3. Yes I very much do….. My mental health is absolutely chaotic and simple breathing exercises and meditation often declutter my mind and clear my head….. This was a very positive post….. Keep on writing dear, ☺️❤️

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  4. These are ALL WONDERFUL, Linda!!! I particularly like “We see many shapes within our cloudy thoughts.” HOW TRUE! Thank You! Cheers!!! ❤️

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  5. Incredible read! I’ve been trying to have less negative thoughts and a bit too pessimistic, I’m ok with being more pessimistic but I need to be a bit more positive in different ways

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  6. Thank you for this. My wife and I have been going through a lot of stress recently, COVID19 related, and have been doing a lot of mindfulness exercises.

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    • Hi Stewart,

      Sorry to hear about the stress. You guys will get through this very hard and stressful time. ❤

      It's wonderful to do mindfulness exercises to reduce stress! Especially during COVID-19, where our choices may be limited.

      As a side note, other ways to reduce stress include journaling, talking to a good listener, doing what you love, and exercise!

      As another side note 😂, stress accumulates in our body, mental, & emotional states. As more stress builds up, each stressor that is introduced us has a greater negative impact on us. Thus, addressing our stress before too much stress builds up is very beneficial! 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by, Stewart! Sending you strength. ❤

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