Coral Reefs Teach Us Self-Care

Coral reefs teach us self-care: how to treat ourselves with love.

  1. Colorful coral reefs need sunlight. When we absorb the bright energy of compassion, our true colors are empowered to shine.
Self-Care Quote

2. Natural coral reefs can’t thrive in acidic waters filled with pollutants. Our emotional well-being thrives in peaceful waters, free of negativity, drama, and toxicity.

Self-Care Quote

3. Sensitive coral reefs require space from humans. We should establish boundaries that allow us to recuperate from human activities and restore our inner habitat.

Self-Care Quote

4. Healthy coral reefs catch nutritious zooplankton. It is revitalizing to eat food for life, energy, and vitality. 

Self-Care Quote

5. Coral reefs that fulfill their own needs provide food, a home, and protection for fish. Like coral reefs, we give our best to others when we take care of ourselves!

Self-Care Quote

Dear reader, which self-care idea excites you the most?

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  1. You’ve made such a meaningful connection in this post! I love it!

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  2. Linda, you’re splendid with this beautiful & amazing post….how magnificently you’ve described the beauty & quality of coral & related do the core of humans….I’m loving it ❤️

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  3. This is such a beautiful post and perfect analogy. Coral reefs are beautiful and powerful but delicate just like our minds. Thank you for sharing. Stay safe. Scott

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  4. This is lovely Linda! Thank You! I guess for me right now the “set time aside to connect within” is my favorite! That could change in five minutes!!! Cheers! ❤️

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  5. Wow. I have not read such simple and profound simile for sometime.
    This is a beautiful post and such illustrations.
    Thank you for making my day

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  6. Very nice! Take care and thank you for following.

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