Empowering Vegetable Puns: Uproot Limiting Beliefs πŸ₯•

Limiting beliefs stunt our vegetables’ growth! Our vegetables can’t absorb nutrients from the acidic soil of limiting beliefs.

Limiting Beliefs

When our vegetables can’t absorb nutrients from the acidic soil of limiting beliefs, it’s time for us to uproot them! Letting go of limiting beliefs that don’t serve our vegetables’ growth is an act of love.

Limiting Beliefs

Let’s replant our vegetables in the fertile soil of empowerment! Grounding our vegetables in an empowering environment supports their growth.

Limiting Beliefs

Our vegetables’ roots can absorb empowering nutrients that bring out our vegetables’ true colors.

Limiting Beliefs

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  1. No limits!

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  2. Great post. And I couldn’t agree more. Negative thoughts attract negative experiences.

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  3. May I call you a genius?….the way you explain deeper stuff metaphorically is simply amazing….it becomes quite easier to understand….loving the title & content….”When our vegetables can’t absorb nutrients from the acidic soil of limiting beliefs, it’s time for us to uproot them!”…..magnificent, Linda ❀️✨

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  4. I am certain of nothing, I question everything. Except for the fact i am very sure we need to create a better society and a better world.

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    • Hey Anthony, thank you! I try to question everything, but I know I can be bias at times. I recently have been questioning a lot of the perspectives I hold in spirituality! Do you have that passion because of the problems you notice in society, or from a visualization of what a better world would look like?

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      • I deplore the fact that billions live on the breadline while others have wealth beyond the wildest of dreams. As a utopian I would like to aim for a post scarcity world where people lack for nothing. In material respects anyway. And in terms of health and happiness. I do not believe in capitalism and money, greed, violence and the grabbing of power. I do not believe in war or violence. I guess the ideal is Ian Banks “Culture” ~ that is where I would like to live!

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      • Yeah, our world is structured in a way that puts materialism on a pedestal over human well-being (happiness). It’s not just that the system is structured around keeping the imbalance of power alive (i.e. the rich get richer). It’s also coincidental that you mention that because I was questioning the law of attraction, and how it is often used to manifest ego desires. I was questioning if the law of attraction could actually work for us naturally when we are in a state of authentic alignment. If everyone was in alignment with who they truly are, we might naturally attract the things meant for us. Then, would life be more utopian-like (not driven by ego desires like money, power, and greed)? It’s an idea I’ve been contemplating! I also don’t understand the choice of violence over empathy, but I also don’t have the experience of what it’s like to be in a violent situation.

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  5. Love it! These all make me smile. Thank you.

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