5 Spiritual Awakening Mistakes That Led Me To Spiritual Growth ðŸ¦‹

Spiritual Awakening Mistake #1: Toxic Positivity

Toxic positivity did more harm than good. I didn’t give myself the space to heal. I always perceived suffering in a positive light, which suppressed my emotions.

I can only integrate the light in a meaningful way when I accept my suffering. Or else, I am using toxic positivity to deny life’s suffering.

Spiritual Awakening Mistake #2: Not Being My Hero

When synchronicities first happened, I was enchanted! Life felt so magical, like a Disney Movie. It felt like life was my prince charming, and I was the damsel in distress.

The reality was that I felt powerless. I hoped that life could save me from my problems. In truth, life would only mirror back to me what I needed to heal! It would not do the healing work for me. I had to step into my truth, do the inner work, and go to therapy.

Spiritual Awakening Mistake #3: Spiritual Ego

I developed an identity around spirituality because it was the first thing that made me feel at home. Consequently, I created a separation complex from those around me. I didn’t know how to open to perspectives that were different than mine.

I learned to let go of labeling myself as a misunderstood spiritual individual. I can connect with people from all walks of life!

Spiritual Awakening Mistake #4: Forgetting to Have Fun

I took life very seriously! I was always looking for spiritual growth, a bigger purpose, or a way to heal. My mind became obsessed with self-reflection and understanding the deeper meaning of the events occurring around me.

It’s a bit like a cat chasing his tail and never finding it! Haha. I missed the entire point of life, which is to enjoy the present moment!

Spiritual Awakening Mistake #5: Not Trusting My Intuition

I asked a lot of people for advice on what I should do. I didn’t trust my intuition and continuously gave my power away to outside sources.

The truth is that my intuition guides me the best. Additionally, it’s empowering to make mistakes on my own.

What have you learned on your spiritual awakening journey?

Contact me if you want to receive an intuitive message!

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  1. A very truthful article. It is sooo important to share these issues. We make similar mistakes. Thank you for this

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  2. Thank you for these helpful tips.
    #4 is very true in majority of the situations.
    We never make attempt to take it easy of every moment of the day, instead busy whining and in the process forget to enjoy the flow
    Thank you my friend

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  3. Howcome I missed such a beautiful post…perhaps I was supposed to read it now….thank you for your heartfelt sharing….it’s so relatable….every single point made sense….intuition / gut feeling / inner intelligence is bigger & deeper than people’s view….that’s my biggest guide as well….that’s why I’m only commenting on point 5, Linda….your blog is amazing, joyful & spiritual ✨

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  4. I’m so guilty of forgetting to have fun! I always feel I should be learning something or trying to find a way to heal. I’m so glad I’m not alone with this x

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  5. I think it can be a very hard thing to avoid entering into a mentality of spiritual separatism. Sometimes it is easy to think that something is so clear to us as individuals that surely it must be as clear to other people. Other people who often feel the same thing about their spiritual feelings, which can be very different.

    For me I try to focus on retaining an awareness of all of the things I do not know. I’ve been in positions where I thought I knew something and found out later how very wrong it was. Many people feel that their spirituality is a knowing, and I have come to define my spirituality as a growing. Remembering those things helps me to honor the spiritual practices of others, even if I don’t agree with them. Take good care of yourself 💜

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    • Yes, there is a bias! We can project our reality onto others. ❤ I hope to honor my awareness of reality while honoring another's reality. I felt a sense of superiority when I was just awakening. It felt like I was "better" than others because I had a "greater" awareness. Lol! 🙂 "The New Earth", the book you recommended, talks about my experience of separation. It is just the ego, who attaches itself to an identity, that believes it is superior! ❤

      Haha. I love that, spirituality as a growing. As an evolving consciousness, or a blooming flower! Remembering that you don't know everything, helps you be open to other people's spirituality. I love that! What helps me is a curiosity. I like listening to other people, I want to know! 😀


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