The Intuition of Risk-Taking πŸŽ²

Before you take a risk β€” roll a dice β€” measure the probability of potential outcomes! What are the risks, the chances of losing versus winning? Would the reward be worth the risk?  Is your intuition giving you hints about the likelihood of winning?

Taking A Risk

If you love the odds, give the dice your all, and never look back! Committing to a risky decision gives you the willpower to adapt to unexpected losses. You will do anything to achieve a win!

Taking A Risk

When you take a risk, the dice gains positive momentum of its own. In other words, there will be uncertainty! You will have limited control over the outcome of a risky decision.

Taking A Risk

Nevertheless, you control the amount of energy you put into your throw! How can you expand the positive momentum behind a risky decision?

Taking A Risk

There is infinite potential to tap into along the journey! Have fun! 🎲

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  1. ‘There is infinite potential to tap into along the journey!’ Very true and tapping into it will transform you from feeling and acting like a victim in a hostile world to one who is able to enjoy a blissful life. I have already written a new post about this and will be posting it soon.

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    • Haha! Yes! That feeling of knowing our true power helps us transform from powerlessness to taking our power back! Thank you for sharing. I’ll definitely read it when I check back on my blog feed later today, I am excited to hear your perspective. It’s synchronistic that you wrote about this, too! πŸ™‚


  2. I’m loving your “dice” theory, Linda…risk taking…gut feeling…intuition…inner intelligence…thanks for a lovely sharing ✨

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  3. Very thought provoking! Fascinating. 🌹

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  4. It was a thought provoking and an inspiring read!

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