Riding The Ferris Wheel of Life 🎡

The life we are riding is in the here and now! Our present experience on life’s Ferris wheel may be a high or low point in our life.

The moment does not plateau. Wherever we are, the present moment continues to new heights. The Ferris wheel of life continuously spins. Everything expands from this point and onwards!

How does the present moment feel? Do we like the view? Do we enjoy the company we keep? Are we excited about the momentum our life is gathering?

Dear reader, how are you? 🎡 

Contact me if you want to receive an intuitive message!

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  1. You had my full attention at….”The life we are riding is in the here and now!”….Linda, your writings are always spiritual….eternal truth is what you share ✨

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  2. Life’s ferris wheel is a great way of describing the infinite cycle of our existence. Beautiful. 🌹

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  3. Enjoyed reading your poem Linda.

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