A Magic Wand: Our Power of Creation πŸ–

A magic wand casts magical spells.

Inner Power

As we look closer, the power is in the magician, not the wand. The power of spell work lies within the magician!

Inner Power

The wand is an eye-catching illusion: it only channels the energy of the magicianIn truth, the energetic spell of intentions, thoughts, and emotions from the magician is what’s magical!

Inner Power

The magician’s secret is this: the power within creates the magic.

Inner Power

You are a powerful creator! πŸ’–

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  1. True, we are the agents that have the power to effect change in our lives! Nice allegory! I love it!

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  2. Beautiful and true. 🌹

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  3. Once again a lovely sharing, full of wisdom, Linda…..”As we look closer, the power is in the magician, not the wand.”….this is beyond beautiful….amazing start of your post that captured my attention right away….you’re simply inspiration with your spiritual sharings πŸ™β€οΈβœ¨

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  4. Beautiful.
    We are the power that can change the world for better.
    Thank you my friend

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  5. The power within. Exactly so. Lovely, Linda. πŸ™

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