Clear The Clutter: 3 Types of Negative Thinking ðŸš®

Littering The Mind:

A fear got littered on highway 9 when we stuck out our hands from the window and said, “I hate my life!” Sometimes, we litter our minds with fears that don’t resonate with our authentic selves. When these thoughts pollute our minds, they tarnish our perception of ourselves, others, and life. 

Recycling Our Thoughts:

Then, there are the thoughts we reuse! We recycle these thoughts over and over. We don’t care if they are good and bad â€” they are looped in our minds anyway! 

One day, we may realize we want to transform our recycled thoughts. It’s an epiphany: recycled thinking has the potential to manifest into new forms!

A Clean Sweep:

When awareness enters our cluttered minds, look out for a clean sweep! No matter how funky our negative thoughts are, mindful awareness accepts, observes, and loves all. 

Dear reader, how are you?

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  1. Had a lot of cluttered, negative thinking myself lately.

    You’re right, time for a clear-out!


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  2. “….recycled thinking has the potential to manifest into new forms!”….another heartfelt sharing….your knowledge….the inner intelligence….it’s like composting the good, the bad & the ugly together into into a richer nutrient

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  3. I’m all for de-cluttering and certainly letting go of fear! Not always that easy but it can be done. Love your posts!!!!

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    • Hi, Catherine! I’m so excited to read your comment, thank you! 🙂 I agree with you, the process of de-cluttering the mind to create space is a mindful process. Sometimes it is harder than others. I think, depending on the emotion attached to it, what is happening in our life rn, and our self-care practices! ❤ ❤


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