4 Ways to Untangle the Strings of Overthinking🎗️

Overthinking tangles a string of thoughts into a tight knot of confusion! How can we loosen the strings of overthinking?

1. Unravel the Knot

Unravel the tension of knotted thoughts by relaxing into your body.

2. Untangling Knots Require Patience

In a state of anxiety, knots of thoughts tangle up even more. Take a break from pulling the strings of knotted thoughts to loosen a tense perspective!

3. Mindful Knitting

Scattered thoughts can be knitted together — with mindfulness!

4. Get Creative

The strings of overthinking have the potential to knit a creative masterpiece.

Hi! You are amazing. 💗

Intuitive Message

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  1. Awesome post, Linda. It’s a new type of “string theory!”

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  2. Powerful & mindful way of untangling the strings to knit a creative masterpiece….Linda, this universe needs beings like you ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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