Emotional Turmoil: Navigate Rough Waters 🌊

Our emotional landscape can experience rough waters. During these moments, it feels tough to take control of our emotions! How do we navigate these emotional waters?

1. Surrender to Rough Waters

Let’s ride the deep waves of our emotions!

Emotional Control

2. Observe Rising Sea Levels

Immersed in the waves, we can observe the windy thoughts that increase emotional turbulence.

Emotional Control

2. Move to Calmer Waters

We can redirect our windy thoughts that cause rougher emotional waters! Let’s elevate our perspective to discover calmer waters!

Emotional Control

3. Navigate the Sea

We can also navigate rough emotional seas by centering ourselves in the present moment. Let’s redirect ourselves to a calmer trajectory!

Emotional Control

Hey, I am sending calmer waters to you! 🌊

Intuitive Messages

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  1. Lovely post….navigating to calm waters….is finding the grounding….is connecting with the very being….is to be the universe….is to finally see oneself ✨❤️

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  2. Awesome post, Linda. Thank you for sending my way!

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  3. Your topic reminds me Wu-Wei

    “All of life is one action following another, interspersed by periods of rest. If we are in doubt about the outcome of our actions, if our thoughts are concerned with, “What if I should fail?” we will be filled with hesitancy, uncertainty, and our actions will lack the conviction needed to obtain a decisive, favorable outcome. Even the worst outcome we can imagine will ultimately benefit us. It is because of that law of favorability that the Universe is able to continue and we are able to bring about the fruition of our plans.” Wu Wei

    Thank you

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    • Haha. Wow….to fully embody the action in each moment, and trust that the outcome will favor us no matter how “bad” it initially seems. What a beautiful quote to start my day. I have been feeling intuitively pulled to go with the flow more these days. Thank you so much. I do believe that the universe always works for our highest good. Also, what is the law of favorability? ❤

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      • Thank you Linda 🙏🏻

        Law of favourability…. My guess is..nothing to get upset about any thing that happens which is beyond your control.
        Have patience, soon you see how the things turn into your favour!

        The Brazilian author puts it beautifully in his quote

        “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it . . it’s called the principle of favorability, beginner’s luck. because life wants you to achieve your destiny “. .
        Paulo Coelho

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      • Wow!!!!!!! Wow 🙂 Life wants you to achieve your destiny. That is why we don’t have to get upset about anything happening outside our control. 🙂 Beginner’s luck is an interesting concept! It’s like, wow, she/he is aligned with life and we (life) support it! Thank you!!

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