Goal Setting: Hitting A Bullseye Goal πŸŽ―

As the archer of our destinies, we want to hit the bullseye of our goal! However, when our arrow misses, we might feel discouraged! How can we get excited about the journey of accomplishing our goal?!


Gauge the distance between where we are and the bullseye of our goal! Understanding the journey to attain a bullseye goal helps us cultivate patience around success!

Best Way to Accomplish Goals ─ Set Realistic Expectations!


Let’s keep shooting arrows at the bullseye of our goal! As we keep trying, we might miss the mark multiple times! Nevertheless, let’s focus on progress, not bullseye perfection!

Best Way to Accomplish Goals ─ Progress Over Perfection!


Make the most of each experience! When an arrow misses the bullseye mark, reflect before taking another shot towards the goal! What can we learn from the failure so that we can hit the bullseye of success?! 

Best Way to Accomplish Goals ─ Learn From Failure!


How fun is it to learn the game of shooting arrows?! Embracing positive emotions inspire us to persist towards our bullseye goal!

Best Way to Accomplish Goals ─ Enjoy The Journey!

How do you encourage yourself to not give up on your goals? 🎯

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Utmost Feelings was Astha’s creative vision. I discovered her poetry on WordPress after she passed away – it is beautiful and speaks to the entire spectrum of the human experience. 🌻

Bloggers from all over the world press their experiences, perspectives, and feelings of love into poetry! 🌻 

Thank you toΒ True Dreamster,Β Navin, and other bloggers who helped to make Astha’s dream a reality. 🌻

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  1. Love the metaphor and reminder!

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  2. Dear Linda, I love this post of yours….”When an arrow misses the bullseye mark, reflect before taking another shot towards the goal! What can we learn from the failure so that we can hit the bullseye of success?! “….your way of showing the truth is unique….the metaphors help quite a lot in grasping the deeper knowledge….it’s like the ginger extract….the taste is strong, ihealthy n the bottle is small…but it takes quite a lot of ginger to extract the strong n healthy drops πŸ™β€οΈβœ¨πŸ’«

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  3. This is an awesome way of helping people understand how to achieve their goals, Linda. With goals, I understand the final outcome may not be my intended destination. So, I embrace the journey (this took me a long time to make such an adjustment in my thinking), or I come up with a new goal to take its place, or I re-evaluate what my goal should be based on analysing why I am not hitting the target (which could be as simple as my lack of enthusiasm, or being brain dead, or other matters become more important). The challenge is not to beat yourself up if a goal doesn’t happen. We are not failures in this instance. We just need to pick ourselves up and find a new target.

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    • Thank you!!!!!!! Wowza, yes!!!! Goals are always a moving target, I suppose! They way you say it emphasizes the fact that goals are about the journey, not the destination. With reflection and revaluation, it may be very likely that we change our goals! Hahaha, yes, focus on what we can do about it or what we gained instead of beating ourselves up about the outcome that didn’t happen. Love that. Again, a wise insight that everything is about the journey. Thank you so much for your insights!

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  4. Awesome Linda, great tips and imagery. πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒΉ

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  5. There is much wisdom in the way that you have written about this! Sometimes it also helps me to think of it as an ongoing journey (or tournament if you will based on your archery imagery) rather than a single event. If I fail one day, that is just one day. As long as I get up and keep trying the next day I am still on the journey, as long as I keep shooting arrows even if I miss I am still working towards attaining the target I want. And sometimes, I find that getting help or insight from somebody else is the only way to make the target we want.

    I was able to purchase a copy of the poetry book from Google Play, I personally am a big fan that this was made available on other platforms (as opposed to just Amazon). Hope you are doing well, and that your internship is going well 😊 Ariana

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    • Dear Ariana,

      Haha, yes it is an ongoing tournament! I love that you see goal-setting as a journey and keep shooting arrows to persist towards the target. The journey isn’t all about the immediate results you get, but the persistent effort as well! I love the last bit too of asking for help, that is something I’ve recently been trying to be more aware of!

      Haha! Wow, thank you for purchasing it!!!!! I sincerely hope you enjoy it, or found something in it you enjoy!

      I hope your health is improving, and that your hula-hooping is awesome. My internship is going well, a lot better than it was a month ago when I just started. 🀣

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      • LOL! I am hula hooping again as we type actually, it’s one of my favorite ways to warm up for heavier cardio because I find it so relaxing and I can multitask and do other things at the same time. πŸ˜‚

        I am glad your internship is going better- anything new can feel challenging at first even if we are excited about the opportunity.

        I think when it comes to my health I am trying to practice a lot of acceptance and mimicking a gentleman from a story described in Eckhart Tolle’s book in saying to myself frequently “is that so?” And then just trying to do my best to move on with whatever each day gives me.

        I only got two poems into the book before I got distracted with things that needed my immediate attention, I am thinking to get much farther into it tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it! Wishing you the very best πŸ’œ

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      • Hi Ariana!!!!

        Omg! Hula-hooping engages the brain and the physical body! Then, you are multi-tasking (i.e. by talking to a phone to reply to me)! LOL. That is amazing! I am currently about to eat Alfredo and feel very excited!

        Thank you!!! Yeah, excitement motivated me to persist in setting goals for the internship. It is actually what inspired this post! I felt like I was failing, but actually, I was learning. πŸ™‚

        I love that. “Is that so?” as if to question the stories we are repeatedly telling about our lives! Does it allow awareness to seep in? By the way, I am almost done with A New Earth, and I think it is the best book I have ever read. I love it to do shadow work. It is beautiful to just be in awareness. ❀

        Haha!!!!!!! Cool, Ariana. I hope your day has had stress-relieving bursts of fun (like pop rocks)! Wishing you well, too. πŸ™‚

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      • I think is is a very wise thing to replace “I am failing” with “I am learning” in our minds. Failure is a great teacher, and I think we overemphasize (at least in the US) this idea that learning (and therefore mistakes/failure) are only something to smile upon and tolerate during the childhood years. But life is a constant journey of growth, unless we shut ourselves off from that.

        I think mindful awareness for me is a impassioned dance back and forth between moments of learning (aka failure) and moments of success, both of which lead to growth. Something I struggle with is a constant need to troubleshoot things that are going on, so my mind tends to be very active at all times. And multi-tasking has almost become obligate if I want to do certain things. I found myself listening to a video with Russell Brand and playing Ukulele at the same time the other day. Perhaps not the most relaxing, but it was the only way I was going to get both done with the time that I had and I really wanted to do both. I was hyper aware and very in the moment because I had to be in order to do both…literally nothing else flitted across the stage of my mind. But sometimes (read often) my thoughts drag me out of the now because I am having to try and think about how to meet the needs of the future, and it is a pulling back and forth between an awareness that now is happening and needs me more. In the most general sense being aware that just because I have a thought doesn’t mean I need to accept it or run with it does lead to a great deal of awareness and helps prevent something from cycling through over and over again and cluttering up my mind. And in general when I am able to accept my limitations or my health struggles I can more calmly engage with how best to still be everything my children need me to be and how best to achieve the most with what I have.

        Tuesday is a lot of therapy going down, so the most relaxing part of my day was reading some poetry! I need to get going and help Tony with something! Take good care of yourself! πŸ™‚

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      • Hi Ariana! Thank you for responding so deeply!

        Yeah… β€œI am learning” feels much more motivating. Thus, it is more likely that I will persist! Haha, I agree! If one is never failing, one might be avoiding learning & stepping outside of one’s comfort zone! However, failing a lot of times can be discouraging. That’s why I believe motivation is so important!

        Ooh…. impassioned dance back and forth!!!! Cool metaphor! It’s like being in the heat of the moment of failure and success creates a synchronized beat! Like, being fully aware of the rhythm of failure gets one in sync with the rhythm of success. They are on the same wavelength. πŸ˜‰

        Haha… it sounds like there is a lot of energy being used to focus. Haha, playing Ukulele while listening to Russell Brand!!! Was it not relaxing because there was more than one thing you were focusing on? Because, both of those activities sound like they could be very relaxing! However, I totally relate… sometimes I am watching Youtube while writing… just want to cram everything at once. LOOL.

        Ah, I can relate to you on that. Sometimes my thoughts drag me out of awareness and into the future as well. Yeah! For me, feeding too much energy into thought can grow mole hills into mountains. Funnily enough, recently, I have felt energetic chords leaving my brain. It feels like I’m releasing thought forms that no longer resonate… My head just jerks, and it feels like it is releasing things. 🀣

        That is beautiful and well-said! I’m happy to know that you are accepting your present circumstance (stresses, warts, & sleeplessness and all) and creating space for your family and the life you love.

        Take good care, Ariana! I saw miracles in nature today, such as an egret catching fish. πŸ™‚


  6. Third and Fourth awesome points.

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  7. Failures are stepping stones for the glory.
    And one must have a positive outlook.
    Well written.
    Thought provoking.

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  8. Excellent post and wonderful message

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