The Sunshine of Positive Role Models ☀️

Role models shine a beacon of light on our unique life paths!

1. A Role Model’s Light Is So Bright ☀️

Role models are like a bright sun in our skies. We look up to them for joy, motivation, and inspiration!

Positive Role Models

2. A Role Model Awakens Our Inner Power ☀️

Role models shine a light on the fact that if they can do it, so can we! They energize us to believe in the power of our inner light.

Positive Role Models

3. A Role Model’s Authentic Light Inspires Us To Shine Ours ☀️

The light within us recognizes the light shining from a role model’s core! The traits we admire in a role model shine in us, too!

Positive Role Models

4. A Role Model Is A Sun That Nurtures Our Growth ☀️

We aspire to face the challenges a role model conquered! Seeing a role model overcome obstacles is the sunlight that inspires our flowering journey of growth.

Positive Role Models

5. A Role Model Glows From The Inside-Out ☀️

A role model authentically shines a message to the world! The message embodies values, ideals, and aspirations that light up the world!

Positive Role Models

Who are the role models that inspire you? ☀️

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  1. Hmm….
    But not difficult question for me to answer.

    Who can be my role model?

    Somewhere my mind tells me that Spiritual Fantasia is my best bet.

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    • HAHAHA… I am stunned and happy. It makes me think, everyone has the potential to inspire each other in one way or another. Your light brings sunshine to my days as well! 🙂 Thank you, friend.

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      • Keep posting and guide rest of us spiritually.

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      • Haha. I love creating and certainly will. Also, I think we all guide each other spiritually! 🙂

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      • Yes… I suppose that asks the question, how does one differentiate from guiding via the ego versus being?! Or, maybe it doesn’t matter, because everything that happens can teach/guide us spiritually? ヽ(•‿•)ノ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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      • Wow!

        What a thoughtful qurey.
        Ego vs being!

        Of course we all aware of egostic behaviour which is nothing but’ I am superior’ and full of selfishness and one is proud of one’s negative strengths.

        I guess ‘Being’ is evokes ‘ bliss’.

        Here one is happy with oneself.

        There is no need to depend on external environment to make on happy, which is temporary.

        What is the reason an infant smiles frequently ,though it knows nothing about the external world?

        My guess is the baby is immersed in bliss without any outward influence and just ‘happy’ and smiles with joy.

        Can grown up kid or an adult emulate this?

        I doubt.

        My feeling is ‘being’ should be equivalent the the bliss the infant experiences as it smiles and laughs for no reason.

        May be we can call this innocent smile with full of joy and happiness no way influenced by the external world?

        Thank you Linda for sharpening my brain with additional knowledge.

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      • Omg! I feel like I just read one of your blog posts, LOL! If you would like, you could post this comment onto your page!

        Yes, egotistic behavior is doing anything to add to the self-concept & inflate the ego!

        That is so beautiful…. haha… to embody the bliss of just being. To tap into our authentic wholeness. To feel the joy of being alive!

        I believe an adult can emulate it! Though a kid has not been conditioned to rely on the external world for happiness (so it is easier), we are innately tapped into the presence of “being” when we become aware of it!

        Perhaps one can laugh while they are standing in line when they are tapped into “being”. It’s like feeling the fullness of life in stillness! One doesn’t have to “wait” to receive happiness, happiness is already available at the moment!

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      • Haha
        You brought the original joyous smiles on my face.
        Thank you for this.
        Sadly the word thinks that I am mad since they are so sure that I am laughing without a reason!
        So laughing oneself is also being addressed as crazy.
        Neither one is allowed to live nor die…Hmm…

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      • LOL!!! I’ll take the madness. Yes, sometimes I dance in my car and blast music for no reason. 🤣 What you said reminds me of a quote. When you are doing something crazy in public, it’s either because you are full of joy or because you have lost all your care in the world. Haha. Have a beautiful day of laughter. 🙂

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      • Well said my friend.
        Looks like time has come …for one to realize that one owes one’s life.
        Who cares what others think as long as we are immersed in the bliss.
        How I wish everybody mind their business rather than being judgmental!

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      • Haha! Can one be blissful and care what others think? Does true bliss lead one to not care at all? That is the second time I heard that in the last 24 hours… wishing everyone accepted each other. ❤ That would be wonderful. When we judge others, we increase our separation from each other.

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      • Thank you my friend.
        My guess is bliss is nothing but selfcare ( as opposite to selfishness) comprising of mindfulness and compassion.
        Here compassion automatically includes caring for others.
        If others make fun of us, does not matter as long as we are in bliss.
        Here self care is more important than anything else.

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      • Hi! Mindfulness and compassion… beautiful! Mindfulness leads to bliss because one is aware of the present moment! Compassion leads to bliss because we connect to other fellow beings! It can be disheartening to fear love, separate ourselves from others through judgement, or lack understanding of self and others. I’ve never head of bliss described as self care yet I resonate. 🙂

        Haha… I agree… bliss doesn’t care because its enjoying itself. 😉

        Thank you! Haha! Enjoy reading your thoughts.

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      • Looks like I am in bliss after reading your comment!
        You may not understand what I am talking to myself 😃😃

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      • Haha! Do the happy dance that only we understand. 🙂

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  2. A beautiful post. Love the positivity and vibrancy of this one! Stay blessed always and may your light shine on! ❤️❤️☀️🙏🤗

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  3. This is another delightful post, Linda. My two role models are not only colleagues, but good friends too. We have weathered many a storm together and come out the other side 🌞🌞🌞

    I can’t help it, I like sharing this clip re Here Comes The Sun:

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    • Hello, Sean!!!

      That’s beautiful… it sounds like you are surrounded by your role models! And, we are like the 5 people we surround ourselves with!
      Yay, weathered the storm to come out stronger and brighter together! 🌞

      LOL!!!! That song touches me. I love the bird and how chill the music sounds. The sun reminds me of new opportunities, happiness, and a new beginning. Thank you for sending it to me. 🙂

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